Family Goals Podcast

Welcome to the Family Goals Podcast

with David Pollack, former College GameDay Analyst,
and Jonathan Howes, Lead Pastor of Graystone Church.


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Thank you so much for this podcast! I so appreciate having God-fearing man help me strengthen my relationship with my wife and my kids. Thank you thank you thank you! Keep up the good work.

Not enough words to truly explain the truths and enlightening wisdom shared by all in this amazing podcast. To be honest, on one hand I wish growing up I was surrounded by such Christ-like minded people. I probably would have less regrets in my life. At the same time it gives me hope that there are many men of GOD out there, that society doesn’t really want to talk about, that are constantly seeking to be true men of GOD and therefore men of valor. I truly appreciate you all for following the Holy Spirit to share your personal life moments, which are immeasurable blessings for so many men and families in our country and in the world.
Keep fighting the good fight! GOD BLESS!

This is a great Podcast for every day life. Love the conversation between Paster J and Davey. Also love that the producers also share their experiences.

I just found this podcast 2 weeks ago and I am 20 episodes in. My fiancé and myself have just moved and just found a new home church and I am trying to incorporate church in our house. This was never done for me growing up, nor my fiancé, and none of this has been done for his son in either household.
I have used some of these episodes as guidelines to do this, as well as being a good bonus mom. When I hear a good one that I think my S.O. needs to hear I will re-listen to it with him and then discuss the episode together.

Listening to y’all makes me wish that I lived in Georgia and could attend church with y’all and your families

As a man, husband, father, pastor, sports fan this podcast hits home on a variety of levels. I appreciate the realness of everyone on the podcast. Thanks for being passionate, Christ-cemeteries, honest, vulnerable, real, and hilarious.

I’m biased… I’m a big dog fan! Love David Pollack and Kirk Herbstreit on game day. I think they love it when their alma mater do you well but they’re not afraid to say if they don’t believe they’re going to win. And to find out that David Pollack is not only a DGD, he’s also an unembarrassed Christian. Love the podcast. You too  Pastor J   ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️