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  • Our Response to Middle East Persecution

    Right now, in Iraq and Syria, there is a radical militant group seeking to force the evacuation or conversion of all minority religious groups, including Christians.  If one refuses conversion or evacuation from his home, he is killed.  This is prompting people to label this movement as anything from persecution to all-out genocide.  Regardless of what we call it, we can agree that it is both evil and heartbreaking. These truths cause a variety of reactions in us as we process the...

  • Missionary Update in NYC

      Vicky Samaritano is one of 12 missionaries Graystone supports around the globe. She works with Cru and spends her time sharing the Gospel, discipling students and developing leaders at Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College in New York City. Take a look at the video below to learn more about her ministry.

  • Ben Presten Planting New Church

    Almost 3 years ago God called Ben and Tiffany Presten from Graystone to plant a church in Wilmington, VT. Valley Town Church started in February 2012 and since then amazing things have happened. Their community has been transformed and lives have been changed!

  • 2014 Brazil Team

    Thirty people from Graystone just got back from a 10-day trip to Curitiba, Brazil and what a trip it was! You can read detailed accounts from each day from our team blog here. My 3 biggest highlights are as follows: Helping further the work of the missionaries.

  • 2014 Haiti Mission Team

    Please pray for the Haiti mission team as they finish out their week! They are partnering with Voice of Christ in Haiti and have been helping take photos of children and getting them to write 'Thank You' letters for their child sponsorship program. They are also hosting a VBS and medical clinic, doing some construction, and encouraging Voice of Christ workers and volunteers.

  • Orphan Care in Latvia

    Please pray for our mission team who left Saturday to serve 7 days in Latvia. While there, the team will be working with a local Children’s Center and a local Teen Center operated by Hope for Children ( Currently the centers are overrun with more children than they are able to accommodate.

  • Graystone Missionary to South Africa

    Hey!  My Name is Nick Carnill and I have been attending Graystone for the last few years.  Actually, I attend when I’m in the neighborhood, but consider Graystone my home church. I wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit about myself and to say thanks to you, my Graystone family, for supporting me and helping me on my missionary journey. I was born in Michigan, spent my preschool-kindergarten years in Snellville, and then my family moved to Quito, Ecuador as missionaries. ...

  • Jesus in New York City

    (Vicky Samaritano is a Graystone-supported missionary who serves with Campus Crusade in New York City.) Bio: I became a Christian as a freshman at the University of West Georgia through the ministry of Campus Outreach. Campus Outreach is a ministry similar to Campus Crusade with a focus on sharing the Gospel and discipleship. During my time in school I received vital training in how to study God’s Word, share my faith and disciple others.  I also was equipped through experiences such as ser...

  • Impacting College Students in Brazil

    (Demps Dempsey is a Graystone-supported missionary working with Campus Outreach in Brazil.) Bom dia (good day) from Belo Horizonte, Brazil! I’m Demps Dempsey and I’m the director of Campus Outreach Belo Horizonte and have the privilege of having been one of Graystone’s missionaries for a number of years now. We work with college students in the third largest city in Brazil and have been here for 15 years.

  • Nepal Without Orphans

    (David Hennessey is a Graystone supported missionary through the Christian Alliance for Orphans. He coaches and consults with Christian leaders around the world as they develop national movements to inspire local churches in every country to care for orphans in their own communities.) With Mount Everest in the distance, a group of 65 pastors from every region in Nepal gathered just outside Katmandu in January to learn about God’s heart for the orphan. Just as Graystone has heard the call for bel...

  • Drink Coffee. Do Good.

    Did you know that by drinking coffee at our coffee bar on Sundays you are helping change lives in Rwanda? In April 1994, Rwanda experienced one of history's most atrocious genocides. In just 100 days, close to one million ethnic Tutsi and moderate Hutu sympathizers lost their lives to the hands of extremist Hutu militia.

  • Living Hope - Story of Henry

    (Living Hope is a ministry in Cape Town, South Africa that Graystone supports monthly and a place where we send teams. This is an update written from them. Your giving helps stories like this take place!) Living Hope’s ministry programs are purposefully designed to be a part of a (w)holistic approach to our vision of seeking to reach people for Christ, bringing hope and breaking the despair of poverty and disease.

  • Valley Town Update

    (Valley Town Church is a church Graystone helped start in Vermont in 2012. This a post from a couple months ago from their Lead Pastor, Ben Presten.) What an amazing year it has been for Valley Town Church. I love to look back and reflect on what God has done as a faith building reminder that there is more to come.

  • South Africa - November 2014

    Graystone will be sending a team to South Africa from November 15-27, 2014. We'll be partnering with Extreme Response and we'll be going to the cities of Cape Town and Beaufort West. This is the 4th time we've taken a team to this beautiful country.

  • Latvia - May 2014

    Graystone is sending a team to Latvia from May 17-27, 2014. We'll be partnering with The Hope Epidemic and going to the city of Karosta. It's actually our first mission trip ever to Europe and we are extremely excited about it!