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For two years, Graystone Walton has been meeting, worshipping, celebrating, serving, and growing.  In that year we have seen God work in incredible ways.  People have been baptized.  Relationships have been built.  Small Groups have connected people to one another.  Children’s ministry and youth ministry has grown.  And all of it has happened in a portable environment where volunteers set up and tear down every week.

Now we believe God is leading us to Move.  Throughout the Bible, God often commanded His people to move before He performed a great work.  The Hebrews left Egypt before they saw the Red Sea part.  Noah built a boat before the floods came.  The Israelites marched around Jericho before God gave them the battle.  Peter stepped out of the boat before God caused him to walk on water.  They all had to Move.

God would continue to use Graystone Walton if we stayed at Loganville High School, but we are convinced that He can do greater things if we Move.  A permanent facility gives us the opportunity to have a ministry base seven days a week.  It gives us a specific presence within our community.  Instead of using volunteers for set up and tear down each week, we can deploy more members into other ministry areas and other service areas in our community.

Are you willing to take a step of faith in order for our church to make the Move it needs to make?  Are you willing to personally sacrifice because God has great things planned for our future?